Life & Critical Illness Cover

Please CONTACT US if you have an existing CRITICAL ILLNESS plan. We can offer cover for 161 CONDITIONS. Your existing policy will probably cover between 35-45 conditions.

Thanks to advances in modern medicine, in the UK you are more likely to survive a serious illness than you were even a decade ago. However if you were to get a critical illness then this may stop you working for a long period of time, which would have a dramatic impact on your financial situation.

Critical Illness Cover is offered so that if you get one of approximately 161 conditions then you could receive a tax free cash lump sum that will help you through the hard times. The most common conditions that are claimed for are cancer, stroke and heart attack.

This type of cover can be taken out with life assurance so you have complete cover and peace of mind.

By arranging your Critical Illness Cover through IAUW we can make sure that you are fully covered, and a correctly set up policy by us could help you to clear your financial liabilities such as mortgage, loans etc…